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Ricorn Bakers is the best leading Bakery in Akurana and nearby areas.We bake because we must – because it’s all we love doing. That is why we bake by hand. We are a hand-crafted bakery brand that uses only the most authentic ingredients, processes and love! Each bread, each cake is special, baked with love and attention almost as if it were baked in your own oven!

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That’s also the reason why we are different from everybody else. No two loaves of our might look exactly the same. Just like no two pieces of art when made by hand are ever exactly the same.

We offer an exquisite variety of bakery products with no chemicals and no preservatives. The central idea behind our concept is to serve high quality, freshly baked, authentic European breads and bakery products.


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No:160, Matale Road, AkuranaAkurana,sri Lanka,20850 [email protected] https://ricorn-bakers-pvt-ltd.business.site/

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