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Ceylon Kitchen is one of the best leading restaurant in Matale. We endeavor to give you the best value in good food from a menu . we observe that special care has been awarded in ensuring you get the finest in quality service as well. We sources the highest quality ingredients and all products are prepared at the facility with utmost care.   We at Ceylon Kitchen,  are dedicated to becoming your number one choice, known for the freshest, tastiest and healthiest food. We aim to send good vibes and deeds back into our community, remaining a champion for quality, for...

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Toshiba Steel is one of the best leading aluminum supplier in Kengalla.  Our experienced staffs are ready to solve your specials needs. We make sure that the right solution and the best product is delivered on time. The customer is always the center of focus at Toshiba Steel . We pride ourselves in offering our customers a responsive and competitive service for supplying anything from single item orders to major projects. There really is no minimum (or maximum) amount you can order.   Our aim is to provide the best quality to our clients. Our centrally located and well -...

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Scooter House is well known motor scooter dealer in Anuradhapura.  We’re dealers of all kinds of scooter with reputed brands and models in best condition. It is just our service that earns us this reputation by making our customers happy and satisfied. We heavily inspect each one to ensure they’re up to our high standards, no matter your style, financial situation, or experience, we’ve got the motorcycle & scooter for you!   Are you looking for the highest quality scooter at the most affordable prices? Then you’re in the right place. Contact Us : 071-5373373 # Facebook Youtube Instagram  ...

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Majstro Garments  is one of the largest garment manufacturers in Anuradhapura. They produce high-end value-added garments, including tops and bottoms for men and women.  Majstro has an international approach and absorbs the tending ethnicity of many countries. When talking about apparels, we serve the best quality and at best competitive prices. Hence, we turn every garment want into a satisfied fulfillment.   Are you looking for a one to one solution directly with a trusted clothing manufacturer??? Majstro Garments is a reliable private label clothing manufacturer based in Sri Lanka.   Contact Us : 077-1068277 # youtube facebook

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Majstro Health is one of the top leading pharmaceutical company in Anuradhapura.  Our products are promoted to the Medical Professionals through a trained team of Professional Representatives and distributed through a network of Distributors and Stockiest. Majstro Health Pharmaceutical is certified Pharmaceutical company which offers the best Pharma Manufacturing services as a third party to numbers of pharma Companies in pharmaceutical sector. The Company offers an exclusive range of quality medicine covering several categories. Majstro Pharmaceutical is not only provide the quality medicine but also ensure to provide associates the best services.   Concentrating our efforts on a wide range...

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New Indian Bajaj is one of the top leading spare parts shop in Anuradhapura. We have an extensive network for Spare parts distribution to ensure Genuine Spare Parts are readily available to an end customer.  We have a large collection of high-quality auto parts for a wide variety of vehicle parts.   We always treat our clients with great respect. Our clients consider us like their family. We have a well-experienced team to sort out all the problems. Enamours knowledge with a considerable team effort is the success of our business. Our mission is to provide unmatchable services to all...

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Kasun Textiles , an entity based in Kandy having all types of  outfits to suit your style and taste. We are pleased to deliver the aesthetic wear for fashion lovers. We strive to develop fashion trends and fabricate  dresses with colorful intricate designs. our goal is to make every customer feel best .  Our store is stocked with the latest fashion trends for men, women, and children. Whether you're looking for casual, everyday wear, or formal attire for a special occasion, you'll find it all here. We have a wide range of clothes for men, women, and children. Our selection...

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Samadana/m is a Non Government Centre that is committed to promote Non-Violent Conflict Resolution and Conflict Handling (NVCR). The name "Samadana" and "Samadanam" are words in the Sinhala and Tamil languages respectively that stand for peace or peace giving The membership of Samadana/m also called as the Council, is made up volunteers both men and women, who represent different religions, ethnic and social groups and who are committed to the cause of Non-Violence. The programme of work of Samadana/m is carried out by the volunteer members of Samadana/m who have been exposed and undergone several training in NVCR both locally...

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Sarath Munasinghe Fuel Mart  is well known Filling Station in Angunakolapalassa.  Sarath Munasinghe Fuel Mart, has an extensive and modern network of service stations in Angunakolapalassa. Begin your journey by fueling your vehicle. You will also find many more complementing services .  So at Sarath Munasinghe Fuel Mart you have all you need for a smooth and happy journey.   Contact us : 070-3077327 # Facebook Youtube    

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Salon Priyasha  a one-stop destination for all the beauty treatments, has always been working with the objective to empower  women with beauty, finesse and confidence. With the help of our hardworking staff  , Salon Priyasha continues to provide world-class salon  in the country. Salon Priyasha innovates and improves their line of services in order to provide great customer service and customer satisfaction. Salon Priyasha is a brand for the refined consumer that is after an international experience with exceptional talent that is on a continuous journey to refine and develop their skills.   Our services Bridal Dressing Normal Dressing &...

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