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Bowatte Beheth Shalawa the pioneer indigenous treatment based, Ayurveda dispensary was founded in 1914 by the Ayurvedic Dr. H.B Bowatte in the city of Kandy. His pioneering efforts helped educate the towns people of Kandy and the island about the importance of Ayurvedic medicine and treatment in modern form.

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Ayurvedic Dr. Ananda Bowatte, under the tutelage of his father, joined the veteran physician in his more community service centered enterprise and gradually turned it over to a commercial business with still the main objective being the promotion of indigenous and Ayurvedic medicines and treatments.

Current airs to the enterprise Ayurvedic Dr. Kosala Bowatte is now the Chairman/Managing Director of the company. He has developed his ancestral business into a growing concern, as he says, the application of the Ayurvedic and native medicines is now recognized by the whole world as a way of life for the well being of the body and mind of all human beings.
Finally we would like to take this Golden opportunity to thank our valued customers, loyal supplier, financial intuitions, business communities, dedicated staff members and those who helped us in numerous ways to surpass this historical milestone.



Uplift the indigenous Ayurvedic treatment methods using new techniques introducing quality production & services for a healthy Sri Lankan nations.



Protecting the Ayurveda treatment which safeguarded the Sri Lanka’s health for centuries distribute the quality products all over the island making Kandy Bowatte.


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