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Green City Cafe is the best leading Cafe in Kegalle and nearby areas. We are the a modern Mediterranean cafe inspired by modern and contemporary tastes focusing on social style dining in a lively atmosphere. We added value is the result of its appreciation for warm hospitality and passion for excellent food.

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Let our friendly staff introduce you to a fusion of artistry and taste crafted by our chefs enabling you to participate in a unique experience awakening all your five senses.We believe that working parents create positive role models for their children.  They are able to pay for nutritious food, healthcare and housing and most importantly, they are able to send their children to school, which interrupts the cycle of poverty.  We therefore focus our attention on skills development and creating employment opportunities.


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No:69/1/1, Main Street, Kegallekegalle,sri Lanka,71000 [email protected] https://green-city-cafe.business.site/

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