Jayananda Modern Homes-Electronic Shop in Mahiyanganaya

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Jayananda Homes founded by Jayananda Group in Mahiyanganaya. All these years Jayananda Homes has been guided by the said visionary leader. Its ambitious journey towards excellence has been governed by a strong value system. Our Customer Centrality, Inventiveness, Integrity, teamwork always made us to be the leader in all the business sectors we engaged in.
We have diversified our business in to many sectors all these 20 years. Our business excellence is in,
                      Over Services 

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  • Consumer electronics & Furniture selling and service,
  • Trusted Warranty,
  • Best cash Discounts
  • installment payment system
  • authorized Dealer in Singer-Abans-Panasonic-Samsung-Innovex-Piyestra-Arpico-Usha-Solex-Tecsonic and Wipro

Leading Businesses and Items

  1. Electronics
  2. Home appliances
  3. Kitchen appliances
  4. Furniture
  5. Music items
  6. Home Decorations
  7. Gift Items
  8. Baby Items
  9. Hardware Items
  10. Mobile Phones
  11. Computers
  12. Agro Items


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No.18/22 , Kandy Rd, MahiyanganayaBadulla,sri Lanka,90000 https://en-gb.facebook.com/JayanandaModernHomes/

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