Micro Concrete Industries-Interlock Manufacturer in Peradeniya

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Micro Concrete Industries is the best leading Interlocking paving block manufacturer in Peradeniya and nearby areas.We use an improved form of mortar-less blocks which is an innovative structural component for masonry building construction.Which can be produced mechanically or manually using interlocking block production machine, particularly an improved interlocking block machine with dual mold. The blocks are neatly fixed through the aid of grooves and protrusion on the block to restrain movement when assembling the interlocking block from top or bottom of one to another forming safe, stable, economical and aesthetic bonding for walls. It can be widely used for both temporary and permanent structures.

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Our Paving Blocks,

  • Permanent colouring
  • attractive natural colours
  • No discolouration or fading due to sunlight& Rain water
  • solid & strong
  • Doesn’t get slippery
  • Long lasting and durable
  • easy maintenance
  • Gives an attractive finishing in landscaping
  • fits well

Other products of Us

  • Concrete door and window frames
  • Concrete Porch columns
  • Hume pipes
  • “Beeralu”and Concrete Louvers
  • Veranda Grills
  • Concrete Benches and Garden Chairs
  • Landscaping Ornaments



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