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by shakila suboshani

J.B. Industries is a recognized leader in the production and supply of Concrete Mixers and construction equipment supplier in Peradeniya. We offer a wide range of high quality construction and industrial equipment's. We represent some of the world’s leading brands supported by a dedicated team of sales & service engineers, showroom, workshop, warehouse, delivery & on-site repair vehicles. Solutions to our clients includes selecting the best model suitable for the job, which results in cost saving, lesser machine maintenance, and safer work environment.. If you are looking for concrete Mixers suppliers in Kandy any quality or quantity or height, We...

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by shakila suboshani

Salon Christina is a well-known Beauty Salon in Kandy and nearby areas. You are welcomed to relax and nurture your mind, body, and spirit all while enjoying the experience right here. We strive to provide an intimate environment of soft-spoken luxury and understated elegance during every welcoming visit. We invite you to relax and revitalize with a variety of different therapies and services designed to meet the diverse needs of women.   We are committed to offer the best possible experience for our clients. Passionate about hair, nails and beauty, We are committed to ongoing education for its staff. Our...

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by shakila suboshani

Salon Vidusha  is the best leading beauty salon in Peradeniya. Our experienced beauty professionals offer a variety of services such as waxing, facials, makeup, haircuts, hair color, pedicures, manicures, and more. We use only the highest quality products and state-of-the-art equipment to provide perfect results. Whether you're looking for a simple beauty treatment or a full makeover, you can be sure you will love the results.   Salon Vidusha offers a wide range of services for every individual; our bridal packages are every bride  go-to choice for their big day. Our personalized hair care, skin care, body care, and other...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Studio Gimhan is the best leading Photography Studio in Peradeniya and nearby areas. We've created a personal experience that offers so much more than any other photo studio in Peradeniya offering top photographers an incredible studio space. We focus all of our efforts into creating the perfect moment to capture on camera.Whether You're looking for family photos or corporate photography we've spent years  perfecting our skills so that we can give you exactly the photo you want and deserve. We are Registered digital well equipped studio for on line passport & on line National Identity cards.we have the facilities to...

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by Thivanshika Dilhani

Kandy Farm is the best leading Meat products store in Peradeniya and nearby areas. Our aim is to be the leader in animal nutrition provider to the nation! We are Being a part of your family meal is a tremendous honor and we strive to ensure you have an enjoyable eating experience every time. For over three decades, Kandy Farm has produced healthy, high quality and affordable chicken products for you and your family.  "Kandy Farm" began to grow steadily over the years due to its outstanding product quality and excellent customer care, along with the chicken meat's popularity as an...

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by Ishini Samadhi

JK silver jewelry is the best leading Jewelry shop in Peradeniya and nearby areas. A true treasure leaves no doubt about its worth. It is an object of prestige and the pride of possessing it is second to none. Every creation by JK Silver is such a treasure. You can see their allure not just in the intricacy of the detailing but feel it in the quality of the silver. marvel and discover the unmatched beauty of trust. We are an exquisite luxury brand renowned for our delicate work on handcrafted & opulent silverware across the board. Excellence in craftsmanship...

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by Ishini Samadhi

Akila motor is the best leading spare parts Shop in Peradeniya and nearby areas It is a wise motive to maintain your bicycle with great pride. Let us tell you the secret. Akila motors are the best destination for all car maintenance and services. All you have to do is to reach our workstation and enjoy our service. Akila motors have a great reputation in multi-brand bicycle repairing and servicing. We always treat our clients with great respect. Our clients consider us like their family. We have a well-experienced team to sort out all the problems. Enamours knowledge with a...

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Uthuli Garden's & Grass Suppliers is the best leading Landscaping in Peradeniya and nearby areas.Landscapes, with its characters and qualities, have the power to enhance the livability of a life and heal the environment.This power is evident in our work from planning to inspire living design. Our people are passionate & ever enthusiastic and we give the best on what we do. We place ourselves differently through our years of knowledge,experiences, and exposures.We collaborate with the clients and understand their vision, requirements and work . We transform predictable urban conditions into inspired landscapes.We will engage you through the design process...

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 Damith Constructions is a well-known Construction Company in Peradeniya and nearby areas. We provide integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management services in the construction and infrastructure industry.              We have been a synonym of trust, quality, ethics, focused customer-centric approach, robust engineering, in-house and transparency in all spheres of conducting business- a few of the most sought-after requirements in the industry.    We started contributing to the improved performance, efficiency and profitability of hundreds of clients across a wide spectrum of projects. We make sure to facilitate the client with quality control safety...

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Hiranya Construction is a well-known construction company in Peradeniya and nearby areas. We would like to introduce ourselves as a genuine, well-established, conventional and steadfast name in the Construction Industry serving our customers in the most assuring manner for a decade.   We are well known in this industry for our timely delivery of the assigned projects keeping the check of high-quality controls. We have an experienced team of eminent and distinguished engineers, innovative and resourceful interior designers, competent works men and most skillful laborers to substantiate high-quality works manship and desired results. We gradually started to build trust and...

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