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The Lubricant Store is the bets leading Lubricant Store in Kundasale and nearby areas.We offer a wide range of grads that meet the specific of all automotive gasoline engine.These oils are specifically designed to offer optimum performance for engines that operate under various driving conditions including off-road scenarios. 

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We are formulated with diesel engine capabilities and can be equally used for diesel powered engines of passenger car as well as light to medium duty commercial vehicles, Star Lube and techno-oils factory are the best choice to attempt the needs of the costumers.

Our mission is to ensure efficient and balanced engine oil supply to our customer all over the world and fulfill long-term contract on engine oil exports at a high level of reliability.Our team have an excellent skills in customer services. We do not want to push our idea on to our customer, we simply want to make what they want

Our team work hard to deliver all customer orders in time without any delay. We also make the goods are delivered in good condition and in the right quantity, we also welcome any report from the customers in case there is any damages we will replace it immediately.


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02, Sama Uyana, New Town, KundasaleKandy,sri Lanka,20000 https://the-lubricant-store-kundasale.business.site/

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