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Galle Electrical is the best leading electrical accessories shop in Katugastota and nearby areas. We are an inevitable choice for clients looking for a source for high quality electrical equipment and components. We aim to provide honest, reliable, cost-effective, hassle-free solutions to our esteemed customers. We have a unique collections at best pricing. Our wide range of supplies and well-known brands aim to fulfill the complete electrical requirements for all industrial, Residential and Commercial. We supply at a distributor price ensuring the best rate for you with the best quality products.We have wide range of product such as Fancy lights...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Omega Electrical is the best leading Electric Shop in Kandy and nearby areas.. Electric is one of the largest and reputed distributor and wholesaler of electrical, Electronics and Automation products. This company is recognized as a top electric equipment supplier in Kandy providing electrical, Automation, and electronic items for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, manufacturing, oil and Hotel field use. As a wholesaler of electrical and automation products we target to provide the fastest electrical and automation supply solutions for mega-projects, factories with its expertise. Excellent customer relationships and customized solutions. We have grown to become as much as a reputed supplier...

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Star Electrical is the best leading Electrical shop in Kandy and nearby areas. We are distributor of lighting and switches. We have provided quality products to our customers. Our products cater for   • Residential and Commercial Buildings,   • Retail Malls and Outlets and  • Residential Homes  We won’t compromise on quality; ensuring new cutting edge technology is stable, reliable and offers the greatest lighting efficiencies before we stock it.We can offer you specialized advice on the most efficient, cost effective ways to brighten your home or business. Far more than salespersons, our passion for lights shines through at...

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Golden Tech Electrical is the best Electronic Store in Akurana and nearby areas.Our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of highly reliable systems and equipment for power, motor and pumping applications. With the highly qualified engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we have provided a strong local as well as global presence to our customers . We guarantee quality and reliability for all our services.We have received numerous Certificates of Performance & Excellence along with many Equipment.prides itself in offering professional customer support and service standards. Our extended warranty is very simple. We offer our customers added protection to the life...

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