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by shakila suboshani

Kandyan Handicraft Centre  is one of the best jewelry store in kandy. We are specialized in manufactures of jewellery silver, brass and copper ware. Our Legacy creates jewellery defined by subtle detailing, minimalist shape and a strong emphasis on quality. The result is effortlessly stylish and ideal for people who appreciate minimalist design with character. All our jewellery is certified & authenticated as per best industry standards to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction. Select from a wide variety of quality jewellery in all categories like rings, bangles, chains, pendents, necklaces, ear rings etc. We have an extremely knowledgeable team...

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by shakila suboshani

Mahinda Jewellery is one of the leading jewelry store in Pilimathalawa.  Mahinda Jewellery  is an endeavour to make dreams come true. Celebrate yourself with iridescent sparkling crystals available at our jewellery store. Creating a niche in the current market space, Mahinda Jewellery aims to provide exclusive jewellery , built with the highest quality of gold at an affordable price point. Our sparkling crystals are cultured and sculpted to perfection to give you nothing less than sheer affordable luxury.  you can get your hands on some of the best jewellery  to complement your style.  It is our sole mission to provide...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Elegant Jewellers is the best leading Jewellery Shop in Warakapola and nearby areas. Since then, keeping alive the golden spirit of the brand, the Group has remained constant, in its successful forays nurtured by expertise, vision and guidance, into a formidable business conglomerate. We are here to create well-being for modern women by offering desirable jewellery and an unparalleled customer experience and to be the house of jewellery design of choice for the celebrations of each important occasion in life  and  product designs and range of jewellery to the quality of craftsmanship and the excellent customer service, makes Kanz the...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Siri Kirula is the best leading  Kandyan Bridal Jewellery Shop in Pilimathalawa and nearby areas.Our team of Siri Kirula not only promise beautiful, well crafted jewells but also deliver personalized and cared-for consumer experience. we are well trained with the singular objective of assisting the customers and ensuring a fulfilling experience while shopping at Siri Kirula. We offer jewellery that promises to last really long, with a finish that makes it almost impossible to distinguish from real gold jewellery. Our products speak for themselves, and we invite you to try our unparalleled range of fashion jewells items. It is our...

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by Ishini Samadhi

Akurana gem & jewellers is the best leading jewellery shop in Akurana and nearby areas. We believe each of the stones or jewels we choose has a unique story to tell, and this can be seen in our sculptured mount that holds them. The enormous choice of beautiful stones gives the Natural Gemstones designers great inspiration to create bold and beautiful jewellery for our customers who seek an unending quest for beauty and elegance. We are a provider of solitary precious stones such as Blue Sapphires, Padparatcha Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, White Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Green Sapphires, Spinels, Aquamarines, Garnets, Tourmalines,...

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by Ishini Samadhi

JK silver jewelry is the best leading Jewelry shop in Peradeniya and nearby areas. A true treasure leaves no doubt about its worth. It is an object of prestige and the pride of possessing it is second to none. Every creation by JK Silver is such a treasure. You can see their allure not just in the intricacy of the detailing but feel it in the quality of the silver. marvel and discover the unmatched beauty of trust. We are an exquisite luxury brand renowned for our delicate work on handcrafted & opulent silverware across the board. Excellence in craftsmanship...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

New Queens Jewelleries is one of the best leading jewellery Shop in Kandy and nearby areas. We have been shining brightest in the jewellery retail industry and has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the world of beautiful and mesmerizing jewellery. New Queens Jewelleries are designed to cater to those looking for international design and quality at local prices. Every jewel here is a hand-picked masterpiece. The range includes the finest diamond jewelry, gemstones and exclusive plain gold jewelry. At new queens Jewelleries, our mission has always been a tradition of trust, high ethical standards, knowledge of our...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Emerald Jewelers is the best leading jewellery shop in Kandy and nearby areas.We are known for our unique and rare designs, as we are ever mindful about the latest trends in jewellery and the expectations of the customer. We cater to the growing market of ethnic jewellery. We have  wide range of antique collection with ornaments that were once worn by women centuries ago. Our exclusive line of antique jewellery has given us a niche in the market that no other jewellery brand or store has. Our exhaustive range of antique jewels has been featured in many private jewellery shows...

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by adlanka

Ransali jewelry is a leading and best jewelry shop in pilimathalawa. We introduce ourselves as one of the oldest jewelers in pilimathalawa Sri Lanka with more than 20 years of experience in this field. In fact, we form the fourth generation carrying on this business. Our business was established in 2000 by our family. Our Main Products are Diamond Jewelry, Precious & Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry, Gold Jewelry (Plain & Studded), Silver Jewellery & Articles, .plese contact us   0777416485 0767066951 0712694571 # website

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