ampara Telephone Directory is a large business and personal Telephone with location Directory in all ampara District

by shakila suboshani

Thilini Chinese Restaurant is one of the largest and well known Restaurant in Ampara . Our menu has local organic produce too. All our dishes are made to order for freshness and quality. You can enjoy us . The specially designed menu is crafted with care and promises to delight its guest with the best of  cuisine capturing delicious and unforgettable flavors of the region. The menu offers an excellent value for lunch and is the perfect choice for an enjoyable exploration of dishes at dinner time.  successfully delivering unforgettable flavors & the exciting food. Thilini Chinese Restaurant brought new...

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by Niranjala Lakmali

සියලූම වාහන සදහා පැය විසිහතර පුරා ආපදා සහාය සහ මාර්ග සහාය දිවයින පුරා සේවාව  We’re the industry leader in providing Roadside Assistance Break Down Service Towing service and car carrier services in Sri Lanka. We’re also the partner of choice for leading automotive companies in sri lanka and. We have the largest network presence and are present in 50+ locations across in Sri Lanka

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