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by shakila suboshani

Cafe Udarata is one of the leading cafe in Pilimathalawa and nearby areas. We are the a modern Mediterranean cafe inspired by modern and contemporary tastes focusing on social style dining in a lively atmosphere. We added value is the result of its appreciation for warm hospitality and passion for excellent food. All of our food is prepared in small quantities with special care using the finest and freshest ingredients available. Deserts are freshly baked and served in rotation during the week, please contact us 24 hours in advance for special orders. We want to provide food that is exciting,...

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by shakila suboshani

Miyula Family Restaurant is the best flagship restaurant  in and around Kadugannawa. Our menu is inspired by the amazing food and flavors of Asia. They have very different dishes that they prepare and serve to their family and friends with great pride. Enjoy lovingly crafted cuisine, beverages and warm service . Our bold menu combines premium ingredients  to create memorable moments for everyone.   We wanted to create a place you turn to with your family for any occasion, from a simple dinner to a birthday party, to try. Every menu item is tediously planned, tasted, and served by our...

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by shakila suboshani

R.Royal Roofing  is one of the top-rated and leading Ceiling Contractors in Handessa, offering a wide range of false ceiling and other gypsum decoration works. We closely focus on providing ceiling to meet our clients’ expectations for quality, safety, functionality, and aesthetics. Our aim to provide our clients with premium quality finished products such as cladding systems, ceiling systems, office and toilet partitions, non-asbestos roofing and paneling, sealants and etc. The majority of our products are of cutting edge materials in the industry and cannot be found anywhere else in the Sri Lanka market.  Our mission is to create innovative...

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by shakila suboshani

Welcome to the largest plant supplying destination for all the green enthusiasts in the country. Super Plants is one of the leading plant nursery supplying a wide range of premium quality plants and its accessories in Kalutara.We offer a mass variety of Indoor plants, outdoor plants,all kinds of plant pots,fertilizer,etc at our plant nursery in Kalutara. Our mission is to reconnect people with nature by offering both indoor and outdoor greenery that helps them to be a green thumb.We value and strive for each and every simple products that support the communities and environment. As ,the city life keeps most...

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by shakila suboshani

Kandy Granite is one of the best granite supplier in Nugawela. Best Place in granite, ** many years of experience in Granite work for Pantry tops, Vanity tops, floors, stair cases. Very reasonable prices. We undertake granite work in all over the Sri Lanka. Top Quality finishing. We ensure to provide the best quality materials and flexible service in Sri Lanka .     Contact Us : 077 036 9101 #

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by shakila suboshani

Choice Garden Landscaping  is a top-tier landscaping service known for creating stunning outdoor spaces in the heart of kandy. Renowned for their innovative and tailored approach, they transform ordinary gardens into beautiful, sustainable, and functional spaces that reflect the unique lifestyles and preferences of their clients. Their team of highly skilled and creative designers uses a blend of traditional and modern techniques, along with high-quality materials, to design and construct landscapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction,  Choice Garden Landscaping offers a comprehensive suite of services, including design consultation.   Contact...

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by shakila suboshani

SUPERNOVA is a leading cell phone store in Pilimathalawa. When you are about to change your life in a smart way, this is the place anyone can opt for; With almost all the accessories and gadgets to support your premium devices, high end branded portable speakers, wired and wireless headsets, lightening data/charging cables, screen protectors, smart wearable, cool and attractive cases and covers for all the flagship devices, powerful power banks. And an exclusive availability of all the accessories for  Apple i Phones, such as Air pods, Apple watch etc.   We assure to provide fast, professional and reliable services at...

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by shakila suboshani

Queen Zee is one of the best leading cafe in Thalwatta. We are the a modern Mediterranean cafe inspired by modern and contemporary tastes focusing on social style dining in a lively atmosphere. We added value is the result of its appreciation for warm hospitality and passion for excellent food. We believe in two things which are customer satisfaction and culinary perfection. Every new legacy built has an expectation to live up to and we have served more than 10,000 smiling customers. We are serving our customers with good food. The Queen Zee cafe is an awesome place with tasty...

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by shakila suboshani

The Kandy Stores is  is the best leading beer store in Kandy and nearby areas. We are the perfect place to relax and order a cold beer while you cheer for your favorite team. We aim to provide an exceptional customer experience through our commitment of Great Service, Brands and Deals. With access to over 500 products across Beer . We offer a huge selection with a great prices. You can get the goods  curbside pickup or in-store.We secured an extensive range of the world’s best wines and spirits. We are committed to providing our customers with an enhanced shopping environment,...

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by shakila suboshani

NMM Mom's Magic health mix is a nutritious blend of cereals, millets and pulses, and has no added sugar. The combination of cereals and pulses ensures your body gets the right protein profile. This health mix powder is a source of protein, dietary fiber, iron and B Vitamins. 100% natural, NMM Mom's Magic health mix is made with whole grains, thus retaining all the goodness of nature’s bounty. An ideal breakfast food, NMM Mom's Magic health mix is packed with health benefits. Suitable for the whole family, the dietary fiber keeps the digestive system happy, and the iron from the...

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