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by shakila suboshani

Navodhayam Institute of Education  is a private tuition class center and a Higher studies institute located in Matale. The classes are conducted by the leading Teachers in Matale for all subjects in Tamil Medium. All classrooms are provides a pleasant and convinient studying environment for the students. leaning is easy if the basic concept and theory is well understood the lesson , illustrations will be used during explanation to make understanding easier.   Contact us: 077-7802402 076-4015456 #   Facebook You Tube Instagram    

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by shakila suboshani

IMS Higher Education (pvt) Ltd is one of the best Education Center in Kandy. Our institute provides tutoring classes for advanced level students . We are provides that grant an artificial aid to a student’s memory through the conversion of their boring and hard study content to interesting and innovative content with the help of imagination and association principles of Mnemonics.   The result you will get from our institution's education system will be Faster memorization ,Better academic result , Quick and accurate recollection and  Development of holistic skills for a successful life . with the best teachers who create...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

IAS is the pioneer in professional  studies Institute in Kandy and nearby areas. Whether you are starting out in your career, changing direction or advancing your skills, we offer a huge variety of courses at almost every level. We are committed to nurture the overall personality of our students and make them competent to flourish in their personal and professional life. As a student, you'll find an inspiring and supportive learning environment that delivers enriching experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Our objective is to train young minds and corporate professionals to acquire skills to be self-reliant to succeed in...

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by shakila suboshani

English Hub International is the best educational academy in Matale. At English Hub International there are many reasons why people choose to study English and we will provide you with a stimulating and pleasing environment that will help you achieve your goals. EHI web site allows you to explore what we are doing. EHI offers you : outstanding academic qualified lecturer panel state of the art facilities students from all over the world classroom technology located in the heart of Matale Town , Sri lanka online interactive teachings updated course modules to international standards   EHI bases our teaching around...

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by shakila suboshani

Chathura English Institute  is the best leading Education Institute in Kandy and nearby areas. We will be known as the seedbed of life-long achievement of our students. Our Students, successful in their careers and in their communities, will identify Chathura English Institute  as the place where their achievement began.  Chathura Institute  will graduate students who are successful lifelong learners and responsible citizens of their school, community, neighborhoods, and beyond. Leaning English is fun. At Chathura Institute there is a team of well -trained teachers who use a variety of interesting and challenging techniques in the classroom. They help to develop...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Sachiko Pre-School & Pre-School Teachers Training Institute is the best leading Pre School and pre school teachers training instritute in Kandy and nearby areas. We are the best choice when it comes to choosing the latest standards of teaching and learning.Our nursery and preschool facilities are purposefully designed to create environments in which learning opportunities are primed. We strive to exceed compliance to local regulations in every school and region, while maintaining careful attention to innovations in resources, materials, play equipment and standards for early childhood learning and care. The  curriculum provides clear learning outcomes designed using early childhood education...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Global Medical Science Campus is the best leading Medical Education centre in Kandy and nearby areas. We are here to provide knowledge and competency to practice as an optometrist.   About the institute The institute is the founding center established solely in the purpose of fulfilling the devoid in the paramedical stream and granting education in a very friendly environment to satisfy all the needs of knowledge requirements to direct individuals in a paramedical proficiency included  with standard of superiority which will be internationally accepted. Paramedical education which constitute primarily in nursing, medical laboratory  technician, pharmacologist, care giver and ,and...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Evident Educational Institute is the best leading Educational Institute in Gampola and nearby areas. Evident Educational Institute is one of the most preferred and professional education providers in ICT Maths Science English Leadership/ Soft skills and many other domains. Our long standing associations with world’s leading professional education and certification bodies from all parts of the globe have been a testimony to our leadership in the business. Such associations with global organizations have enabled us to share and collaborate with these organizations, enabling us to provide our learners with the most advanced and effective curricula and build a powerful knowledge...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

ACSM-Asian College of Sales and Marketing is the best leading Marketing Institute in Rajagiriya. It has been set up with the vision of fulfilling the skill gap that exists currently between the youth in semi-urban and rural areas and the skill requirement of the corporates. It aims at furthering the government’s objective of developing employable skills among the youth and connecting them with job opportunities. Our mission is to provide affordable skill training to the youths of the country through a unique learning process and empower them in order to fill the skill gap to meet the Industry demand and...

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by adlanka

Thilaka Learners  is a leading Driving School in Peradeniya kandy and near by area.Mr. J R Jayatilaka is the owner of Thilaka Driving School. Thilaka Learners registered by the Department of Motor Traffic under the Reg. No. DS 215 since August 1994 at in Peradeniya kandy.  Has more than 25 years of experience in motor vehicle training. All learning students are given these driving training’s by the well qualified and experienced instructors and also lady students are given the driving training’s by lady instructors when requested. Driving license could be obtained with the technically improved driving training for Cars, Vans,...

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