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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Simply Play is the best leading Kids Clay Manufacturer in Kandy and nearby areas. We are specialized in the manufacture of products for the promotion and development art education.We manufacture the non toxic & Safety play dough for children. We are with the Play Dough products of high quality from trustful suppliers in Kandy. Buying Guide - Childhood for everyone is a treasure worth to be cherished. It's a period of time that can't be copied and full of happy memories. Toys always play an important role in everyone's childhood when it comes to growing up and learning about the world...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Micro Entertainment is the best leading Sounds Hiring Centre in Kandy and nearby areas.We use the best sound equipment to make your event remarkable. We utilize the high quality speakers, mic and sound mixer to make your event memorable. We provide the best sound system rental service at the affordable cost for all kinds of events in Kandy. We can match your budget and expectation with high standard sound quality for your events. Our sound system combines with quality Sound Mixer, Speakers, Mics and all other equipment that is required for your event.We can cater for your any audio sound...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Welcome to Micro Entertainment We are  the best leading Live Streaming Video Production in Kandy and nearby areas. Our talented team work one-on-one with you to produce captivating and compelling content from concept right through to delivery.From innovative idea creation to perfect production, our team uses the highest quality technology and techniques behind the camera to create corporate films that showcase your brand in the best possible way. With state-of-the-art production suites, we’re able to help you create visually stunning films that not only connect with your existing customers but also reach untapped markets.Dedicated to each and every client, we’ll...

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by Ishini Samadhi

Sathsara Music Center is the best leading Music Center in Gampola and nearby areas. Sathsara Music Center is well established and well known for its services and products. The shop provides for a good range of musical instruments, both eastern and western. You will be amazed by the variety of collections we are having. The best part about the shop is about the kind of services they provide for the customers.  If you are an enthusiastic musician and love beating on the drums, or love striking the strings of guitar with utmost passion, this the perfect place from where you...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Thushan Events is a well-known Event Planners in Kandy and nearby areas.Our experience means we provide absolute quality and peace-of-mind. We excel in managing and we have styled many events.We  pay personal attention to every little detail every step of the way. We have more experience with the 15th staff since 2006.We assure you a perfect  experience that will leave you mesmerized on the most important day of your life, that too at your own budget and destination.We customize events by combining everything from the widest range of  decoration ideas . We care about making your Concept and Design Planning...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Ruwan Sound & Music Centre is a well known Music centre in Pilimathalawa and nearby area.We are a state-of-the-art recording studio with an educational institute.        We pride ourselves on our quality and customer support services. With Us, you can trust that you are going to have an incredible education in recording , mixing, mastering and audio production unlike any other and that our final product will be one that will far exceed all your expectations.      This sets us apart and above the existing competition and is one of the main reasons why we are the...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Ocean Sounds is a well known Sounds Supplier in Wattegama and nearby area.We are  here to provide you with expert assistance. Whatever your needs may be, get in touch with us.We offer a wide variety of services to make your event unforgettable.We are specialized in providing music for any occasion.We are professional wants to ensure that the most important day of your life will be memorable & perfect. We are always upgrading to the latest trends and technologies We provide high quality DJ Music for any functions such as Weddings Birthday Parties Dance Office functions Get Together Memorable events and...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Jayananda Homes founded by Jayananda Group in Mahiyanganaya. All these years Jayananda Homes has been guided by the said visionary leader. Its ambitious journey towards excellence has been governed by a strong value system. Our Customer Centrality, Inventiveness, Integrity, teamwork always made us to be the leader in all the business sectors we engaged in. We have diversified our business in to many sectors all these 20 years. Our business excellence is in, All the Music items #

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by adlanka

Summer Breeze Music Institute is the best video making placen in Kandy. and nearby are.We handle the entire post-production process from editing to voice-over, vfx, sound mix, colour grade and music.We cast lock script, book permits, scout locations, secure props and crew up in preparation for your shoot.Our studio help you establish and execute a distribution strategy to make sure the videos reaches right people.   Our Service Lakshman Sound                   Lakshman Event  Audio                                      Outside...

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