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by shakila suboshani

C- Mart Ladies & Kiddies Wear is one of the main affordable fashion brand in Kandy. The company has items for women, men, girls, boys and babies, which all have their own footwear and accessory lines. we specialist  in bed sheets, towels, table clothes and mosquito nets. C- Mart completes its product range with Homewear, Sportswear & Underwear collections. We are a premium fashion brand that cater for people who's having a passion for fashion. Our Fashion lines are for the modern day men/women of all ages who seek on trend of the moment. Fashion with a glamorous and unique...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

CB Fashion is a well-known Clothing Store in Wattegama and nearby areas. We create value for people and society as a whole by giving our customers what they want and focusing on growing in a way that is both profitable and sustainable. Our clothing store caters to your taste of fashion. you can drop in to our store to select the fashion of your choice. We have clothes of a colourful range and can be chosen to your need. Do visit C B Fashion store to select the type of clothes you prefer in colour, size or pattern.  With expertise...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

                                                            Welcome to Lover Fashion   —  smiles are always in fashion! — Family Fashion is the best leading Clothing store in Digana and nearby  areas. What are the first choice for women who want to showcase their personalities by building a wardrobe packed with pieces that celebrate spot-on design and simple-but-effective versatility.We are the lifestyle retailer dedicated to inspiring customers through a unique combination of product, creativity and cultural understanding....

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Kandy Fabric (pvt) Ltd is the best leading Fabric Store in Matale and nearby areas. We deal in the retailing, wholesaling, and indenting of fabrics and allied products, offering a complete sphere of service in fabrics retailing along with an in-house tailoring service. We have steadily evolved into a brand name synonymous with the highest in quality and the latest in designs, becoming a much sought-after fashion destination, bringing the finest in clothing material at a great value to the customer. A trusted brand for fabric sourcing, the company continuously aligns itself with ever-changing fashion trends to deliver first-rate products and services, making...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Rayan Fashion Group is the best leading Clothing Store in Akurana and nearby areas. Rayan Fashion Group is in-house design team creates distinctive clothing offering a great mix of style, good quality and value. The stores offer coordinated collections for men, women and children - ranging from newborn to 12 years. With its contemporary fashion edge Rayan Fashion Group is a brand widely considered aspiration and yet affordable. It focuses on providing exciting and beautifully designed clothing presented in collections that reflect the ambitions and individualism of its valued customers. We create value for people and society in general by delivering...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Molly Shopping Center is the best leading Clothing Store in Wattegama and nearby areas. With an exquisite offering that caters to today’s discerning men and women, Planet Fashion aims to bring fashionable clothing, choice and convenience for everyone at one platform to give a complete wardrobe solution for all their needs.  We are a one-stop clothing store where the customer gets hand-picked collections and can choose from the best of the best. The brand caters to young professionals and taps in to their casual yet formal choices that are both fun yet fashionable. The versatility on offer gives you the chance to keep...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Lanka Fabric is the best leading Fabric Shop in Kandy and nearby areas.Our diversity allows us to cater to any market. As a result, our clients includes top importers and many domestic consumers. Furthermore, because we warehouse almost all of our material, your fabric is available for immediate delivery We hope you have a pleasant surfing experience & as always we welcome your valuable suggestions. Continuous striving towards excellence is what keeps us thinking about new and innovative ideas of presenting our products. Our journey with fabrics and textiles began four decades ago where we started with a small firm...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Brave Sports Wear is a best leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a finely designed range of sportswear in Kandy and nearby areas. Our array of manufactured products includes of                  •T-Shirts                  •Sports Collar T-Shirts                  •Girls Sports T-Shirts                  •Cricket Uniforms                  •Arm-less T-Shirts and several other products.   The products have been designed with great attention to finishing and quality of fabrics used....

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Reem- F is the best leading Clothing Store in Akurana and nearby areas.We are the branded clothing store, which is committed but at the same time sensual, elegant and refined woman with particular attention to style and her image, who wants to please and like herself but without taking too much. We always focused on something new trends.We are style and practicality at the same time, dresses the woman for every occasions. Each dress is studied and designed in every detail and the style does not have a high price to pay.  We equipped with highly sophisticated machinery and we follow...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Primetop Fashion is the best leading Fashion store in Kandy and nearby areas. The store has built a reputation for stylish and trendy collections for ladies and kids. We are the perfect blend of trend and tradition. We have an elite collection of beautiful designer outfits.  In addition to our resplendence our clothes also exhibit elegance and poise which us your favorite store for all your occasions. From the starting days we offering best in quality dresses for kids and ladies. Unique, especially of us, is the value of the money and quality in products.  Our collections available to a...

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