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Bio Soft Pharmaceutical is the best leading Pharmaceutical in Kundasale and nearby areas. We are a Pharmaceutical company, established in the year 2010. We develop, manufacture, market, and export a wide range of niche oral care products that cater to consumers with specific dental and oral conditions combining newly researched ingredients as well as nature’s goodness. We are able to deliver the best products to the dental fraternity, consumers and also to contract, develop and manufacture for large Indian and multinational companies. We constantly keep upgrading technologically and streamline our operations to ensure best industry practices. We are dedicated to...

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Puthuli Pharmacy is the best leading Pharmacy in Matale and nearby areas.We are familiar with your problems and tasks and the here from resulting requirements for us and for the quality of our service. We help you look after own health as well as of your loved ones wherever they may reside  with genuine medicines offered by your nearest chemist shop at our Pharmacy. We have built a reputation as a recognized and a trustworthy chain of chemist stores with high service standards and continues to work at being a quality service-oriented organization, with a reputation for competence and credibility. We...

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New Lovers & Pharmacy is the best leading pharmacy in Wattegama and nearby areas.We are successfully running a chain of retail pharmacy in Wattegama and suburbs. we offer an extensive range of products to address your everyday needs. As your trusted health and well-being partner, our aim is to make you look and feel better with an array of top brand offerings.We have attractively-priced products across a multitude of categories to meet the needs of all customer segments. Each product complies with the highest quality standards.  We are focused on extending our services to our valuable users with an honest...

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Induwara Pharmacy is a well-known pharmacy in Kandy and nearby areas. We strongly believe in maintaining high ethical standards in business. We also have a strong sense of serving the community at large thru’ various social service activities. We have gained experience in pharmacy operations management over many years and are committed to delivering best service in the industry. Quality medicines at very reasonable prices can be purchased here.  You can get all the products you need here responsibly.  You get a very intimate service when you come here.   Contact Us 081-2077416 077-7774202 #website

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Nethun pharmacy is a leading pharmacy’s in Kandy and nearby areas, Ever since our inception, we committed ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance. We believe that a robust corporate governance policy drives healthy business growth and reinforces vibrant markets, besides serving as an important instrument of investor protection. Governance also provides an appropriate framework for the Board and the Management to set corporate objectives to enhance shareholder value. Contact Us 077 2346025 077 3587025 # website  

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Genuine Pharmaceuticals & Distributors (pvt) Ltd is a Kandy-based pharmaceutical company, established in 1992 by Mr. R J Bandara with the vision of making world-class affordable medicines.   Genuine is a research-driven forward-looking pharmaceutical company with expertise in the development of various finished dosages.   Since its inception in 1992, Genuine Pharmaceuticals & Distributors (Pvt) Ltd has been focused to manufacture an extensive spectrum of pharmaceutical formulation products.   We engage in the research, development, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical products. We are a fully integrated company with in-house business development, R&D, manufacturing and regulatory compliance capabilities....

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Max Lanka Pharmaceuticals is the best leading Pharmaceutical in Kandy and nearby areas.we ensure deliver the safest and most innovative products that has the highest performance with a continuous supply since 2009.   We use the latest technologies and innovations to be Excellent in whatever we do.Our manufacturing facilities deploy state-of-the-art technologies and automated facilities that ensure the highest levels of process integrity and product quality. Our facilities have fully self-reliant Quality Control departments with sophisticated equipment to ensure conformance to stringent quality standards.  Our experience, market knowledge, pharmaceutical segment knowledge and technical expertise enable us to deliver the right...

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Jana lanka pharmacy is a leading pharmacy's in kandy and near by areas,Our pharmacy is a vertically integrated shop spanning the entire pharmaceutical value chain from discovery to delivery with established credentials in research, manufacturing and marketing. We today rank among the top pharmaceutical companies in sri lanka and enjoy a multi-therapeutic presence across segments like anti-ineffective, anti-inflammatory, central nervous system (CNS), cardio vascular segment (CVS),nutraceuticals and other oral and sterile products. Our pharmaceutical solutions include active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), 077-7912634 # website

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Laxmi pharmacy is a well-known pharmacy in Katugastota. We also have a range of products in the personal care, baby care, health and nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle categories. We have been providing you with genuine medicines round-the-clock, through 24-hour pharmacies. As pioneers in the healthcare segment, we understand the importance of trust. And that is why, over the years, we worked on building that trust. We ensure that every product sold through our stores are checked for their authenticity, quality, and compliance with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, the national regulatory body for Indian pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We...

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Aura Family Galore is the best leading health & beauty shop in Kandy and nearby areas.With our high-quality products and absolute attention to detail in service, we have crafted a niche for ourselves in the industry and the hearts of our customers. Today, we have emerged as one of the largest networks of beauty and wellness products. Shop with us at your convenience because we believe in making health & beauty shopping easier for you. We host an unmatched and an ever-increasing assortment of skin care, hair care, makeup and wellness products for both men and women. In addition to...

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