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by shakila suboshani

Galagedara City Center is one of the best Shopping Mall in Galagedara. Our shopping mall offers a wide variety of high-quality products, including baby goods, kids goods, skincare products, body care products, haircare products, toys, jewelry & much more at affordable prices. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and maintaining a clean and organized store environment. Come visit us today and discover why Galagedara City Centre  is the go-to destination for all your needs.   Contact us : 081-2463372 077-8189962 # Facebook Youtube    

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Handloom creations is one of the most popular creative Hand loom  products in Kandy and nearby areas.There are so Many products are available in lots of colours, patterns and materials.We let you pick one that suits your fancy.You can buy all the clothing items you need here at a reasonable price.    Our Products Handloom Sarees ( Cotton, Rayon, Glossy cotton,gasmercerised, Rich cotton) Sarom ( Normal cotton, Gasmercerised) Bed Sheets - Sizes (110/100) (100/100) (100/90) (72/90) (60/90) (54/90) (48/80) Towel ( XL, L, M) #

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by adlanka

View Point Creations in Pilimathalawa,  Kandy is a leading supplier of Kandyan traditional clothing and jewelry that protects our heritage and culture. අපගේ ඉතිහාසයෙන් බිදක්  .... බ්‍රහ්ම ලෝකයෙන් බ්‍රහ්මයින් පිරිසක්  සමනල කන්දට ගොඩ බැස්සය.. ඒ  බ්‍රහ්මයින්ගෙන් පිරිමි ඇද සිටියේ මුල් ඇදුමය. කාන්තාවන් ඇද සිටියේ බෝරිච්චි හැට්ට සහිත ඔසරියයි. මහ සම්මත මනු රජුද මෙම සම්පූර්ණ ඇදුමම ඇදි බව කියවේ. . මෙය ඇදි විට දැනෙන පෞඩබව හා සිංහල අභිමානය ඉමහත්ය. ලෝකයේ වැඩිම අංග ප්‍රමාණයක් සහිත යාර 48 පමණ වූ වැඩිම රෙදි ප්‍රමානයක් අදින්නාවූ ඇදුම මෙයයි. මුල් ඇදුමේ මූලික අංග 16කි සුදු තුන්පොට්ටිය ,රතුතුන් පොට්ටිය, සොමනය, සුදු රැලි කලිසම ,කවනිය, විල්ලුද පපු හැට්ටය , විල්ලුද...

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by adlanka

Kandyan  Lanka is located in Peradeniya Town, Kandy. Its owner is Mr  D S Gunasekera. More than 8 years since starting the business. Under his leadership, the business is in high demand today.You can have all the other necessities under one roof, including statues for your home, office and garden. many of the things on display here,Creative Buddha statues, lampposts,Deva statues, ponds, titanium flower beds,There are more ornaments including ornamental stones.. ඉතා උසස් නිමාවකින් දැකුම්කළු පෙනුමකින් යුත් මාහැගි වටිනා නිර්මාණ රැසක්,  විශ්වාසයෙන් යුක්තව මිලදී ගැනිම සදහා , බුදු පිළිම හා පහන් කණු නිර්මාණයේ ප්‍රමුඛයාවන කන්ද උඩරට පේරාදෙණිය නගරයේ පිහිට් කැන්ඩියන්...

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by adlanka

Shashi Looms is owned by Mrs. Tilani Shashikala Jayasingha. She is an educated graduate.She decided to change the tradition of educated women.  As a result, Shashi Looms started a self-employed business.Launched as a small company, the business now has a showroom in Kurunegala town. Shashi Loom is one of the most popular creative Hand loom and traditional clothing manufacturers in and around Kurunegala. Shashi Loom is one of the leading manufacturers of traditional Sir Lankan women's clothing. Shashi Loom Produces their own hand loom fabric. It is done with care and experience within a few days. Every handcrafted piece is...

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