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Driving license could be obtained with the technically improved driving training for Cars,Vans,( Auto & Manual)
Three Wheeler, and Motor Bikes.
Lady students are given the driving trainings by lady instructors when requested.
Driving Training for existing License Holders.


Training sessions are conducted for Road Signals on free of charge.
Road Signal books are provided free of charge.
Trained people to drive vehicles will be given the training for free of charge for 5 days.

by shakila suboshani

Manujaya Driving School  is the best leading driving school in Gampola and nearby areas. Excellence Manujaya  Driving School  was launched with a goal to empower and equip communities with driving skills in a seamless, efficient and easy manner driven through the concept of Human First.   With a promise to simplify the teaching method, we bring a human experience that allows the customer to truly enjoy the process of acquiring a new ability and ultimately, skill sets that will be used for life. We are bringing a revolutionary change to the driving learning industry . That’s why we recognize that...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Ran Derana Driving School is the best leading Driving School in Gampola and nearby areas.We have been serving well over 10 years. We turn students into safe, confident drivers with professional driver education courses. Our vehicles used for driving lessons and road tests are dual controlled, insured and are the latest models. Our Experienced driving instructors offer private driving instruction that prepares students of all ages and skill levels for driving tests and fulfills defensive driving requirements. Our instructors are patient and understanding with students. They are also fully insured, bonded and professional. We provide you with the necessary information...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Vindana Learners is the best leading Learners in Kandy and nearby areas.We  are in this field for more than 10 years we have experienced good instructors to teach how drive the car and behave well on the road and obey traffic signals .   – We use latest vehicle like  for training purpose. We incorporate real-time training methods and knowledge of road safety signs. – We help you to analyze the road conditions and executing best driving strategy accordingly. – We have qualified instructors who help you overcome fear and assist you to drive safely in any kind of road....

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Ruwan Learners is the best leading Driving School in Hedeniya and nearby areas. After considering many options, we served in driving school mainly because of the dismal traffic conditions in our cities which prompted the need for efficient, careful and responsible drivers. We believe that good drivers make roads safe. This is an effort to enable people to drive safely, legally and efficiently. Our advantages lie in employing the most efficient instructors who guide our students with almost companion and geniality. We are proud to say that we lack in professionalism as we tend to build up a personal rapport...

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by Piyumi Divyanjali

Denuwara Driving School is the best leading Driving School in Gampola and nearby areas.Since opening in 2008, we’ve had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their learning journey.We offer individual instructors for student to take lessons.We have 05 instructors. During these drives we can work on any skills the student requests, including parallel parking, interstate driving, and lane changes. Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors take pride in offering a complete driver training program that will ensure our students have the necessary road skills to be safe, confident and licensed...

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by adlanka

Learners  is a leading Driving School in  Peradeniya  kandy and near by area. Mr. Ranjith  Rajapaksa is the owner of the Sarasavi Driving School. He has received Business Vibhushana, Lanka Puthra and Desha Bandu awards. He is also a graduate of the University of Peradeniya.  Our main goal is to help you get a driver's license in a very accurate, scientific and well - trained manner, so that you can create a good, disciplined, responsible citizen in the community. Sarasavi Learners registered by the Department of Motor Traffic under the Reg: No: DS 548 since  20.04.04  at Peradeniya kandy. This...

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by adlanka

Lakmal Driving School is the most reliable experienced driving school in Mahiyanganaya and nearby area. Our Driving School is well equipped with simulators, the latest vehicles, and a library which contains books about Automobile Mechanism, Driving Road Safety, Traffic Regulations and Laws relating to Motor Vehicles Act. Traffic Regulations and Laws relating Motor Vehicles Act. Our training tenure is arranged in accordance with the syllabus of the Central Motor Vehicles Act. #

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by adlanka

Chandima Learners  is a leading Driving School in Balagolla kandy and near by area.Mrs. Chandima Kosgahage is the owner of Chandima Driving School. Chandima Learners registered by the Department of Motor Traffic under the Reg. No. DS 831 since January 2014 at Balagolla, Kengalla was the subsidiary of Suranga Learners in Rathnapura District registered by the Department of Motor Traffic under the registration No of DS 198 for last 25 Years. Mrs. Chandima Kosgahage was the first lady Instructor for heavy vehicles taken by 2010. All learning students are given these driving training’s by the well qualified and experienced instructors and also...

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